GV3 Linear Motion & Actuator System

GV3 Linear Motion & Actuator System


Why V Groove Bearings are often the best choice.
A white paper explaining the benefits of V groove bearings and slides.
03/10/2014430 KBDOWNLOAD
GV3 10 UK
linear guidance and transmission system
18/06/20155.84 MBDOWNLOAD

New Product Enhancement Datasheets

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26/03/2009406 KBDOWNLOAD
DLS,GV3 & MCS Datasheet

Incorporating HepcoMotion® DLS units & GV3 slide beams into HepcoMotion® MCS and other proprietary framework systems.

26/03/20091.95 MBDOWNLOAD
Profiles with Linear Guides

The information in this datasheet, which is an extract from our full HepcoMotion® MCS catalogue) facilitates initial selection of the slide system and provides details of compatibility with MCS profiles.

Floating Bearings 01 UK07/01/20101.32 MBDOWNLOAD
Floating Bearings

HepcoMotion® Floating Bearings are designed to provide axial movement (fl oat) of the V position, this is especially useful where two rings or V slides are mounted in parallel.

CHK-01-UK09/12/2011983 KBDOWNLOAD
Controlled Height Bearings

HepcoMotion® Controlled Height Bearings (CHK) are available for GV3, PRT2 and SL2 product ranges.

Referenced Datasheets

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No.7 GV3 ENo.7 GV3 End Stop01/04/2015850 KBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion End Stops are now available to suit GV3 and SL2 spacer and flat slides from 25 to 120mm wide. They are designed
to provide a physical stop to the linear movement, and impact protection should a system overrun. The conical buffer provides a
controlled deceleration to the carriage to protect the system and payload.

No.6Bleed Lubrication22/08/20123.06 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® Bleed Lubrication systems provide constant lubrication to the slide V face, via specially machined pathways which are connected to an external supply via lubrication inserts.

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