PRT2 Precision Ring and Track System







PRT2 Precision Ring and Track System


PRT2 04 UK
Precision Ring and Track System
18/06/201543.02 MBDOWNLOAD

New Product Enhancement Datasheets

Media Num.Ref.DateSize 
ALR Rings25/03/20111.56 MBDOWNLOAD
ALR Aluminium Rings

HepcoMotion ALR aluminium rings run with Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee polymer guide wheels.

CHK-01-UK09/12/2011983 KBDOWNLOAD
Controlled Height Bearings

HepcoMotion® Controlled Height Bearings (CHK) are available for GV3, PRT2 and SL2 product ranges.

Referenced Datasheets

Media Num.Ref.DateSize 
No.1PRT2 Design Criteria for Track System Drives17/08/20123.64 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® Track Systems provide an extremely useful means of moving a component or process along a path composed of straight and curved portions. The tracks may be open lengths or form a closed circuit.

No.2PRT2 Installation details17/08/20122.18 MBDOWNLOAD

The following datasheet outlines various mounting and assembly options.

No.3PRT2 Load Life Calculations17/08/20121.28 MBDOWNLOAD

The load capacity and life expectancy of HepcoMotion ring slides, segments and track systems is determined by many factors including the ring size, the type and number of bearings, the presence of lubrication, the magnitude and direction of loads, the speed and the distance travelled.

No.4PRT2 Single Edge Track Systems22/08/20122.24 MBDOWNLOAD

Track system single edge slides and segments can be used to construct a single edge track system which provides a wide platform for the rigid support of large components.

No.5PRT2 Moment Load Carriages22/08/20123.79 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® moment load carriage systems provide extra support and rigidity in applications where high downwards or offset loads are anticipated, typically at work stations.

No.6Bleed Lubrication22/08/20123.06 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® Bleed Lubrication systems provide constant lubrication to the slide V face, via specially machined pathways which are connected to an external supply via lubrication inserts.

No.8DTS Components22/08/20123.75 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® supply a comprehensive range of components and assemblies to enable the 25-351 and 44-612 size track systems to be incorporated into customers own designs complete with drive facility. This datasheet contains details and dimensions for the individual assemblies available.

No.9PRT2 True Shape Rings & Segments22/08/20120 B

Currently Under Production - Please contact our Technical department for further details

No.10PRT2 Slip Block Adjustment22/08/20122.32 MBDOWNLOAD

Track systems driven via a chain may benefit from a means of adjustment for tensioning and to allow for subsequent wear and stretch. This can be achieved by adjusting the position of one of the drive sprockets.

No.11PRT2 Mix & Match23/03/201517.26 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® PRT2 products can be mixed and matched together to provide an optimised and flexible range.

No.12PRT2 Rolled Rings, Segments & Track Systems22/08/20120 B

Currently Under Production - Please contact our Technical department for further details

No.13PRT2 Timing Belt Rings22/08/20121.26 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion’s popular PRT2 ring slide range provides the standard solution for many rotary motion requirements, and offers rings with internal and external gears as well as plain versions in steel and stainless steel.

No.7PRT2 fixed centre carriage with clamping brake23/08/2012597 KBDOWNLOAD
No.2HDRT_Large Diameter Rings & Segments08/09/20101.15 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® has an enviable reputation for its acclaimed PRT2 and HDRT ranges of ring slides and track systems. These products facilitate low friction circular and circuit motion with a system of V-profiled circular and straight slides and matching V-profiled bearing wheels and carriages.

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Datasheet "No.10 - PRT2 Slip Block Adjustment"
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Datasheet "No.13 - PRT2 Timing Belt Rings"
Datasheet "No.7 - PRT2 fixed centre carriage with clamping brake"
Datasheet "No.2 - HDRT_Large Diameter Rings & Segments"
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