SBD Sealed Belt Drive

SBD Sealed Belt Drive



SBD - Sealed Belt Drive

19/04/20136.92 MBDOWNLOAD
Catalogue Amendments02/06/2014333 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Product Update - Change Notification

New Product Enhancement Datasheets

Media Num.Ref.DateSize 
SBD30-100XL 02 UK15/12/20101.26 MBDOWNLOAD

The SBD30-100XL unit has been designed for applications which require a stiffer beam than the standard SBD30-100 unit.

SBD15-60 SHORT 01 UK01/03/2010961 KBDOWNLOAD
SBD 15-60

The HepcoMotion® SBD 15-60 is a new smaller addition to the SBD range of linear actuators.

Referenced Datasheets

Media Num.Ref.DateSize 
No. 1SBD Motor Connections-01-UK27/03/20091.74 MBDOWNLOAD

SBD Motor Connections

No. 2SBD Load Life Calculations 02 UK27/03/2009387 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Load Life Calculations

No. 3SBD Beam Deflection Calculations-02-UK20/12/2010276 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Beam Deflection Calculations

No. 4SBD Enquiry Form-01-UK27/03/2009342 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Application Enquiry Form

No. 5SBD Cleanroom Qualification-01-UK27/03/2009134 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Cleanroom Qualification Certificate

No. 6SBD Belt Tensioning Procedure-03-UK10/11/2010905 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Belt Tensioning Procedure

No.7SBD Long Carriage Option-02-UK31/07/2008985 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Long Carriage Option

No.8SBD Lubrication Procedure-01-UK31/10/2008455 KBDOWNLOAD

SBD Lubrication Procedure

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Datasheet "No. 1 - SBD Motor Connections-01-UK"
Datasheet "No. 2 - SBD Load Life Calculations 02 UK"
Datasheet "No. 3 - SBD Beam Deflection Calculations-02-UK"
Datasheet "No. 4 - SBD Enquiry Form-01-UK"
Datasheet "No. 5 - SBD Cleanroom Qualification-01-UK"
Datasheet "No. 6 - SBD Belt Tensioning Procedure-03-UK"
Datasheet "No.7 - SBD Long Carriage Option-02-UK"
Datasheet "No.8 - SBD Lubrication Procedure-01-UK"
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