SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System

SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System


SL2 06 UK
stainless steel based slide system
18/06/20154.85 MBDOWNLOAD

New Product Enhancement Datasheets

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CHK-01-UK09/12/2011983 KBDOWNLOAD
Controlled Height Bearings

HepcoMotion® Controlled Height Bearings (CHK) are available for GV3, PRT2 and SL2 product ranges.

Referenced Datasheets

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Vacuum & EVacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings and Track Ro14/01/20151.32 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings and Track Rollers are designed for extreme environments. They are
available in sizes from 18 to 54mm in diameter, with a broad range of fixing styles, and with load capacities from 180 to
4,200N. They can be used with stainless steel linear and curved slides from the Hepco SL2 and PRT2 ranges.

No.6Bleed Lubrication22/08/20123.06 MBDOWNLOAD

HepcoMotion® Bleed Lubrication systems provide constant lubrication to the slide V face, via specially machined pathways which are connected to an external supply via lubrication inserts.

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