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The new Linear Measuring Indicator (LMI) from HepcoMotion® is more than just a precise length measuring system. This easy-to-install, compact product can also be adapted for rotary applications where angular measurement is required. Highly versatile and therefore economical, LMI offers repeatable, precise measurement to improve productivity and reduce rejects in many industrial applications.

It’s an ideal addition to an automatic saw, for example, to provide an accurate cut to length facility for metal, wood, stone, plastic, paper or glass. In this regard the LMI’s incremental mode is a boon for cutting uniform short lengths from a single billet or for creating partial cuts at regular intervals along its length.

Values are shown on a bright and clear, seven-digit LCD whose display is accessed via a four-button touch pad. Measurements can be shown in millimetres, metres, inches or degrees and with the required number of digits displayed. The reading direction is also selectable as is absolute/incremental mode and the ability to scale measurements.

When teamed with the HepcoMotion® GV3 or stainless steel, SL2 linear systems to guide the sensor head in parallel to the coded magnetic tape, LMI becomes a complete guided positioning and measurement solution that requires minimal set-up. The HepcoMotion® carriage locking system provides the stability for consistent and precise length control.

This set-up is particularly suited for laser positioning in applications such as paper handling. A laser pointer can be attached to the GV3/SL2 carriage so it can project a beam which the operator positions on the edge of the paper for non-contact measurement and alignment of the winding process.

In rotary applications, the LMI is applied to a cylindrical surface making it suitable for use in turntable applications and, for this purpose, the measuring device can be combined successfully with the HepcoMotion® PRT2 and HDRT ring and track systems.

LMI is wear-free as there is no contact between the sensor head and the tape and it works equally well in both clean, wash down and hostile environments. The self-cleaning action of the GV3/SL2 linear systems is particularly beneficial in applications involving ambient dirt and debris.

No wiring is involved in the installation of LMI as it is battery operated. It can be supplied for the customer to incorporate into an existing machine or supplied by HepcoMotion® as a sub-assembly comprising tape, sensor and position indicator (bracket or panel mounted) fitted to a GV3/SL2 slide beam.

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