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PACKTECH 2012, 29th February – 1st March 2012, NEC

PACKTECH 2012, 29th February – 1st March 2012, NEC

HepcoMotion - stand no. D16

Linear product for innovative packaging machinery

Effective automation is an important element in minimising unit costs and assuring quality but there are many applications in the packaging sector where an off-the-shelf solution is not an option. To build the bespoke system the designer needs the supply of reliable components, sub-assemblies and even complete turnkey solutions and this is where linear motion specialist, HepcoMotion®, has considerable strength.

At Packtech 2012, HepcoMotion® will focus on its competence in the fields of driven systems and circular and continuous motion. Of particular importance to the packaging sector is the company’s policy to offer stainless steel – the HepcoMotion® SL2 range - and other corrosion resistant choices within its standard product programme. Elements can be mixed and matched to achieve the optimum combination of hygiene, wear and performance.

In order to minimise material movement and conserve precious floor space, automated product handling systems often involve complex circular and oval paths that are not suited to most commercially available linear guide and actuator systems. Such applications are however ideal for the HepcoMotion® Precision Ring and Track System. (PRT2).

Central to its design is the vee-guide principle. This, combined with concentric and eccentric bearings, ensures carriages run exceptionally smoothly, resisting lateral or rotational movement even under high applied loads. The PRT2 range provides all the components necessary for creating circuits and tracks of limitless variety.

HepcoMotion® manufactures a choice of standalone linear actuators that are belt, screw or pneumatically operated. The range covers all applications from low to high loads at slow to fast speeds. Examples at Packtech 2012 include the PDU2 belt driven linear motion system that meets the need for a high performance, standard precision product to fit into a compact space envelope; a high moment load version of the PDU will also feature.

Also on the display will be the HepcoMotion® Sealed Belt Drive (SBD), a product that is designed for applications that are characterised by high loads and demanding duty cycles. SBD provides a compact and exceptionally clean solution.

Completing the HepcoMotion® exhibits will be a variety of driven products including a development of the PRT2, the Driven Track System (DTS). It is a complete unit ready to be incorporated into a continuous positioning or dedicated assembly machine. Driven by pulleys and a timing belt DTS is available in two sizes with direct load capacity of up to 400kg per carriage.

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