HepcoMotion at Automatica 2018 Exploring options to increase efficiency through V-guide linear systems


HepcoMotion, the originator of V-guide linear systems, is pleased to be back at Automatica 2018. The Munich exhibition gives visitors access to the world’s largest range of industrial and service robots, assembly systems, machine-vision systems and components.

Visitors are able to see some of HepcoMotion´s key products to discuss their specific needs and queries with its sales engineers in Hall A6, Stand 521.

Intelligent automation, digitalisation and robotics are the central topics at Automatica. One common aspect of these themes is their ambition to identify ways to increase the efficiency of the production process. Today, even a minor increase in production output could potentially result in a decisive competitive advantage. Offering long system life with reduced downtime, HepcoMotions range of products can help design engineers achieve just that.

One highlight of Hepco´s exhibition stand will be the much-acclaimed GFX Hepco Guidance System for Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System). This combination of two advanced technologies offers a robust, efficient and flexible solution. For instance, the possibility to control the motion of each mover independently allows on the fly product changes, giving the needed flexibility to packaging and manufacturing applications.

Also on the stand is Hepco’s 1-Trak guidance systems, which can achieve any conceivable 2D shape, maximising the available space. In some cases, this flexibility may contribute to avoiding a restructuring of the production cycle to accommodate other, bigger guiding systems. At Automatica, visitors will be able to see and discuss in more detail this innovative 1-Trak guidance system with our sales engineers. The 1-Trak guidance system expands Hepco´s successful PRT-2 product range of ring guides, and track systems.

Visitors will also be able to examine the many application possibilities of Hepco´s core product the GV3 linear system. GV3 offers users an easy “fit-and-forget” solution. The system works well in even the toughest environments. Hepco´s V-based bearings have a unique wiping action which expels debris, keeping the machine running and reliable. As an example the GV3 system has been working faultlessly for over 10 years at Griffith Textile Machines Ltd, where it is being used as part of a weaving machine. The v-groove bearings haven´t been replaced since their installation.

To see these and other products, HepcoMotion´s experienced team is welcoming you from 19. To 22. June on stand 521 in exhibition hall A6.


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