HepcoMotion at SINDEX, Bern


At the forthcoming Swiss trade show SINDEX, taking place 28-30 August in Bern, Switzerland, HepcoMoption, originator of the V-based linear system, is pleased to showcase its cutting-edge linear products that offer long service life  and low maintenance for even the most innovative production cells.

To realise Industry 4.0 it is more than ever necessary that all components of a production cell are created using high quality products as even a digitally optimised production process cannot compensate for down times caused by faulty or lower quality components. It is paramount that the correct components are used to suit the specific application in terms of environment,duty cycle, requires system life. Through its product range, HepcoMotions products enable the industry to harvest in full the benefits that Industry 4.0 promises in the production process.

Among other products, SINDEX visitors will be able to see HepcoMotion’s GFX Guidance System for Beckhoff XTS Transport System. The system uses linear servo motor technology to drive movers around a track. The motion of each mover is independently controlled and thus offers the user the flexibility of changing the motion as and when needed at the tip of a finger. At the same time, the system achieves high-speed motion profiles without compromising positional accuracy. Through these qualities, the system opens up numerous possibilities to optimise the production process in a broad range of industries and processes such as in precision engineering or the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, vertically mounted the GFX 1-Trak guidance system is able to sort randomly positioned objects on two separated production lines. The GFX guidance system can also be mounted in a multidirectional bend which means even difficult spaces can be used to their maximum.

In addition to showcasing its GFX System, visitors will also be able to see Hepco’s DTS2 driven track system in motion. The use of a scroll drive allows rapid indexing to be achieved with superior positional accuracy without the risk of carriage disengagement. The system can carry a weight of up to 1,000N and is of interest for instance to the automotive industry.

At SINDEX, visitors will be able to discuss their ideas or needs with our Sales Engineers in Hall 3, Stand D15.


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