Multi-Head Drilling Machine

Task Design an automated multi-head drilling machine to drill 112 holes in aluminum sheets, 126 inches in length, that are used in the manufacturing of semi-tractor trailers. Currently CH...

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Driverless Tractor Application

AutoFarm, a division of Novariant, Inc. located in Fremont, California, was developing a new precision GPS implement steering system powered by an electro-mechanical drive. They needed a bearing component that would run smoothly across the joints of their Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU), which has a hinged ring design that easily mounts just below the steering wheels of existing agricultural vehicles. It also had to be capable of handling the MDU’s high torque which controls steering wheel slippage. The bearing had to be quiet, reliable, and withstand a high volume of dust and temperature variations.Read More

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Cosmetic Pick and Place

Task The design engineer needed to find an effective and compact method to raise, lower, as well as guide a “bucket” full of product from one conveyor line to another. Solution ...

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Transfer of Solar Tubes

Task Handling solar tubes requires careful handling and accurate positioning especially at high duty cycles and in an environment where lubrication needs to be kept to a...

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