Flexible Packaging Machinery

Task Colin Mear Engineering is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the packaging industry. Amongst their most recent projects, a solution was required to produce a new, flexible,...

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Adjustable Control Panels

Task A common problem with machine tool control panels is that the operator cannot see into certain areas of the machine with the controls at the same time, when...

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High Speed Tool Changer

Task As space within the machine was limited, this large German machine tool manufacturer needed to design a tool changing mechanism that would fit around an existing machine column. ...

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Silk Screen Printing

Task Silk screen printing machines require a high product throughput and utmost reliability, qualities becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with this manufacturers old standard machines. Component wear leading to...

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BBC Tardis Screen Application

Task Being involved in prestigious film projects is something HepcoMotion is getting used to as designers seek out simple motion solutions to potentially difficult film situations. However,...

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