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Industria: Automotive
Prodotto: DualVee – Linear Slide System

AutoFarm, a division of Novariant, Inc. located in Fremont, California, was developing a new precision GPS implement steering system powered by an electro-mechanical drive. They needed a bearing component that would run smoothly across the joints of their Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU), which has a hinged ring design that easily mounts just below the steering wheels of existing agricultural vehicles.

It also had to be capable of handling the MDU’s high torque which controls steering wheel slippage. The bearing had to be quiet, reliable, and withstand a high volume of dust and temperature variations.

The OnTrac2™ is a GPS assisted steering system designed for nearly any brand or type of agricultural vehicle including tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines. The hands-free device clamps on to the steering wheel and steers the vehicle which allows the vehicle operator to stay on task with more efficiency and greater accuracy while working a field. The OnTrac2 eliminates skips and overlaps, reduces fuel and material consumption, and reduces operator stress and fatigue.


AutoFarm chose Bishop-Wisecarver’s DualVee® guide wheels to provide motion for the MDU. The wheels ride on the edge of their custom-made ring. DualVee proved to be the perfect choice for this application because of their quietness, long life capabilities, and ability to traverse joints smoothly and perform in harsh environments.

Self drive tractor

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DualVee Guide Wheels Size 1 and 2

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