Welding thermo-plastic and Industrial Fabric

Prodotto: DualVee – Linear Slide System

Miller Weldmaster Corporation is a company that manufactures welding equipment for the thermo-plastic and industrial fabric industries to heat seal seams of sign and billboard panels, inflatable boats, and truck tarpaulins.

The machinery varies in length and requires a product that can be easily joined, run smooth, and operated in various conditions. The majority of their machines were specifically designed around DualVee® technology because of its:

– Reputation for durability.
– Ability to go long.
– High speed capability.
– Ease of installation and maintenance.


The Miller Weldmaster Model 112 Cross Seamer provides the quickest, most attractive seam for the flexible sign industry. The length of the machine is from 3 Meters to 20 Meters long. The size 3 track is bolted to a steel beam and is butt-jointed which allows the flexibility to customize their customers’ needs and manufacture a machine to virtually any length. The W3 DualVee wheels are mounted to a custom carriage plate which carries the welding head.

W3 DualVee wheels
T3 drilled track
B3 bushings

DualVee V Slide System

Scope of Supply

The DualVee components provided Miller Weldmaster with a rigid, smooth and modular Linear Guidance system. They have continued to use DualVee for many years and standardized their design because of  its simplicity, durability and life.


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