Elero Electric Actuator Range

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Elero Electric Actuator Range

Load Range 0.01kN to 200kN Speeds 0.5mm/s to 110mm/s

Each of the six models in the Elero electric actuator has its own special features to cater for a wide range of application options. Elero electric actuators are sealed against contamination and therefore ideal for hostile environments, clean room applications, food, pharmaceutical and electronics production. Elero Actuators are also a popular choice for louvers/ façade projects.

  • Exact positioning and maintenance free.
  • Compact space saving design including integral guidance system and motor.
  • Mechanically self-locking.
  • Stainless steel models may be specified.
  • Drive and gearbox options for louvers/ façade projects.
  • Encoder and potentiometer options available.
  • Up to 100% operating duty possible.
  • Linkage of multiple units via a bus system.





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Elero Facade Catalogue

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Elero – Veco 813.96 kB

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Elero – Veco

Elero – Vario 1.14 MB

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Elero – Vario

Elero – Picolo XL 889.67 kB

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Elero – Picolo XL

Elero – Picolo 0 916.53 kB

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Elero – Picolo 0

Elero – LimaLine 1.41 MB

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Elero – LimaLine

Elero – Junior 1.30 MB

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Elero – Junior

Elero – Herkules 776.48 kB

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Elero – Herkules

Elero – Econom 847.23 kB

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Elero – Econom

Elero – Drive Solutions 1.59 MB

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Elero – Drive Solutions

Elero – Compakt 857.77 kB

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Elero – Compakt

Elero – Aton 1 450.67 kB

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Elero – Aton 1

Elero – Aton 2 507.54 kB

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Elero – Aton 2

Elero – Aton 3 1.69 MB

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Elero – Aton 3


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