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1-Trak System

Load Range 0 – 28,000N Speeds 0 – 8m/s

1-Trak is a highly innovative track system product, which re-writes what is possible with linear and rotary motion. Advanced materials and technologies are used to produce systems to almost any two dimensional shape from one piece of material. 1-Trak will save on assembly time and enable “curvi” linear applications previously seen as expensive to be achieved in an easy simple way, with one drive.

  • Any conceivable 2D shape can be achieved; multi dimensional curves and free-form curves are possible.
  • Track systems can be designed to your exact requirements.
  • Carriages can be gear driven around the track, negating the need for complicated drive systems.
  • System is made from one piece of material with no individual linear tracks and segments to assemble.
  • Where space is important 1- Trak enables tight track return curves to be achieved.
  • 1-Trak can incorporate a base for a machine, complete with drive and all fixing holes.
  • 3 bearing carriage technology allows play free operation throughout linear and rotary travel.
  • Load capacities are only limited by the maximum size of bearing at 150mm.



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