MHD Track Roller Linear Motion System

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MHD Track Roller Linear Motion System

Load Range 4 bearing block carriage 0 – 132,000N Speeds 0 – 6m/s

The MHD Linear System has been specifically designed to transport heavy automation equipment. High offset and overhanging loads are easily accommodated, making the system particularly suited to moving large robots.

  • MHD has an extremely heavy load capacity compared to other linear motion systems.
  • Suitable for high offset loads in heavy duty automation and robotics applications.
  • Designed for durability and long life.
  • Spur or helical gear drives allow for high driving forces.
  • Unlimited lengths can be achieved.
  • Carriage plates can be made to incorporate gearboxes, motors & other drive elements.
  • Maintenance free in most applications.
MHD 144

MHD 144

MHD 144

MHD Bearing Block

th_MHD Flat Track with Rack

Flat Track Rack Cut

th_MHD Flat Track with Helical rack

Flat Track Helical Rack

th_Flat Track

Flat Tracks

Blind hole track Roller

Blind Hole Track Rollers



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