Braintree Precision Components

Manufacturing Hepco’s world-class V Guide bearings

Braintree precision bearings manufacture

Braintree Precision Components produces Hepco’s world leading V guide bearings.

The factory produces all of Hepco’s industry leading V guide bearings. This enables the Hepco Group to control the quality and delivery of their linear systems and components. With BPC producing up to two million units a year, this is an essential part of the Hepco process.

Although Braintree Precision Components generally supplies bearings for HepcoMotion, the company has produced specialist bearings for many unique projects including Spitfire propellers and bearings for NASA Space Shuttles. BPC has also worked with British Aerospace; designing the Typhoon Euro fighter throttle and steering box control bearings.

With world leading facilities and industry leading experts, Braintree Precision Components ensures that HepcoMotion’s customers receive the highest quality bearings with minimal lead-time.

For vacancies at Braintree Precision Components, please see the main HepcoMotion career page here.

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