GV3 – Linear Guide System

An extremely versatile, reliable and hardwearing linear guide system, designed to serve a diverse range of automation and linear applications.

GV3 Range
GV3 components
GV3 rack driven carriages
GV3 brake and flange
GV3 bleed lubrication
GV3 mcs connection
GV3 single edge slide
GV3 flat track
GV3 Self Adjusting Carriage
GV3 traversing gap
GV3 linear motor
Load: up to 10kN
Speeds: up to 10m/s
Low maintenance
Unlimited lengths
Long system life
Works in dirty environments
Quiet and smooth running
Self-aligning system

An extremely versatile, reliable and hardwearing linear motion system, designed to serve a diverse range of automation and linear applications.

Smooth, fast and reliable – Featuring V guide technology, GV3 offers a long system life, low maintenance and increased productivity, saving time and money.

A fit-and-forget solution – High quality material, hardened V edges and bearings internally lubricated for life ensures the system requires very little maintenance.

Suitable for challenging environments – A unique wiping action expels debris, keeping machines running and reliable.

Choice and flexibility – GV3 is available as an assembled unit or as individual components.

Adjust don’t replace – Linear bearings can be adjusted instead of being replaced, reducing maintenance costs.

  • GV3 is one of the quietest and fastest linear systems available, offering speeds up to 10 m/s, allowing a higher throughput
  • GV3 can operate in any plane or orientation, allowing  unrestricted use in machine construction
  • Loads can be applied from the top, bottom or each side of the carriage radially or axially
  • GV3 can operate without lubrication if required
  • There are 12 standard slide sizes on offer with single or double edge options, and flat slide or slides incorporating a spacer for simplified installation
  • Slides are available in three different precision grades, allowing systems to be specified for optimum performance with the budget available
  • Twin bearings offer a degree of compliance for easier installation and smooth running while the double row option maximises radial and axial capacity

Bearing sizes and their load capacity

This diagram provides an overview of the bearing sizes available and their load capacity depending on the application type.

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