Aluminium Profile Construction System

HepcoMotion’s range of aluminium extrusions provide a cost effective and simple alternative to welded frames. The range includes machine fencing, workbenches, and storage systems designed to suit individual needs.

Aluminium Profile Construction System FAQs

How to join aluminium profiles?

Corner brackets are commonly used for joining aluminium profiles at right angles. They are particularly useful in constructing frames, enclosures, and supports. Brackets provide structural stability, and screws or bolts reinforce the connection. This combination ensures a robust and versatile joint, allowing for various configurations and modifications as needed. Read more

An alternative solution for profile connections is to use the more engineered, but aesthetically more pleasing Flexi-Connectors.  This fixing method requires machining of the profiles but does provide a cleaner look without sacrificing rigidity of the frame.

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Why use aluminium profiles?

Aluminium profiles are versatile structural components used in a wide array of applications across various industries. Aluminium profiles are an effective alternative to welded steel frames as they can reduce material costs, whilst improving flexibility and reducing assembly time. Read more

Aluminium profiles come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for modular construction and customisation to fit specific application requirements. All elements are reusable and additions can easily be made to existing designs at any time for convenience.

Aluminium profiles do not require specialist installation, and simple frames can be quickly assembled without any machining or drilling, saving both time and money. Aluminium profiles are very lightweight, yet offer excellent structural integrity, providing strength and stability to various applications.

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Can aluminium profiles be used for machine fencing?

Yes, aluminium profiles are commonly used for machine fencing in industrial settings. Aluminium profiles provide a versatile and modular solution for creating a barrier around machines and industrial processes.

Can you help me configure my aluminium profile system?

Yes, HepcoMotion has a design team in-house who can specify a fully featured aluminium profile system, including making recommendations on fixings and joint assembly. Please contact [email protected].

Why Choose Hepco?

Our V based technology reduces downtime, increases system life and reduces total cost of ownership.

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