Cosmetics Filling Application

HepcoMotion - Cosmetics Filling Application


This Spanish producer of cosmetics was facing a life problem with an existing wheel based system that uses shaft fitted into aluminium rails. After 3000km, travel accuracy was being lost due to play developing in the system.

This required a considerable amount of down time and replacement before the machine was running again. Fitted to the guidance system is a large overhanging flat plate that carries the perfume mixing unit that has to stop at various stations over 4.3m to receive the fragrances for mixing. With a 100kg axial load and an offset torque of 250Nm a quality steel based system was needed to improve life and accuracy.

HepcoMotion - Cosmetics Filling Application


HepcoMotion - Cosmetics Filling Application

The first issue was to address the offset load and use one linear rail that would be wide enough to withstand the forces involved. Within GV3 there is a wide range of steel guide rails and a 120mm width rail was selected. To provide the rigidity and life required size 54 double row bearings fitted to the moving carriage were used along with a rack fitted directly to the rail to provide the drive.

Scope of Supply

1 x NL120P3R L5000 linear rail plus rack driven carriage AURD12054 L510DRCS


The NL120 linear rail is more suitable to applications where high offset loads are required although there was always the possibility of fitting two rails in parallel. However, with the extra setting involved it was preferable to avoid this if one rail could suffice. Incorporating the rack fitted to the linear guide made it easier to provide the drive system without the need to set separate components. The use of solid steel linear rails provided greater rigidity with the benefit from the positive bearing line contact that GV3 V rails offer resulting in a longer system life.

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