Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System

HepcoMotion - Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System
HepcoMotion - Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System

A manufacturer of High Tech cables had a severe problem when changing bobbins for an important production machine.

Because production cables broke regularly when changing bobbins this resulted in major unforeseen production costs for the customer. He was looking for a buffer system that could maintain tension in the cable together with a quiet smooth movement. The buffer length needed to be over 24m long.

HepcoMotion - Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System



A solid belt driven unit which has been manufactured fully to the application requirements and comprising of the following components:

A 25 meter Heavy Duty Beam provided with our strong HD25 slides mounted with a robust belt driven carriage with 64 bearings and cap wipers.

A toothed belt that can withstand high pulling forces was included, together with a geared motor that could easily withstand the forces of more than 4900N.

HepcoMotion - Heavy Duty Cable Pulley System

Finally – as an extra security item, to avoid the breaking of cables – a seperate HepcoMotion powerslide cilinder HPS50/76 was mounted which can act as a shock absorber should an unexpected issue arise.

Scope of Supply

A HDLS Heavy Duty linear system of 25000mm long, with Ø64 bearing units and a 50mm wide belt, provided with rubber buffers. + geared motor.

A Powerslide cylinder HPS 50/76 with a stroke of 1000mm.


Because of the virtually maintenance free but robust concept of our HDLS unit the customer has a system that is fully customized, can easily withstand high pulling forces and which also works extremely smooth and shock-free. The breaking of cables when changing bobbins is a thing of the past and this customer is very satisfied.

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