Offshore Pipe Cutting, Inspection, or Welding Application

The Application

HepcoMotion products are used extensively in the offshore industry, often having to work under extreme conditions underwater or above water in areas exposed to the elements. Many applications require a ring to be located around a pipe for pipeline inspection systems, welding and cutting processes. HepcoMotion PRT2 rings allow precise and rigid guidance around the periphery of any circular shape.

This application requires a pipe to be fed through a stationary ring to a stop position for a cutting process. The conditions will be hostile causing possible contamination of the ring V surfaces. The carriage travelling around the ring will need to move smoothly at a consistent rate to ensure an accurate cut and long cutter life.

Product Solution

A double edge V ring from the PRT2 range with an integral rack provides the qualities required for this application. Rings are available in diameters from 93mm to 1.6m so a typical 700mm diameter pipe can be accommodated easily. The special carriage has a motor to provide the drive for the system to rotate around the pipe and a separate one for providing power to the cutter.

The wiping action of the V bearings running on the V ring will be vital in ensuring that the swarf from the cutting process does not cause possible jamming of the system. Systems with the benefit of V technology will provide increased system life in comparison to other bearing technology.

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