Brexit Statement 10/12/20

Dear Customers and Partners,

As a UK manufacturer we are constantly monitoring the many implications that BREXIT may have on our company, with a view to ensuring that this will have the minimum impact on our customers

The transition period which has allowed the UK to trade under the same terms as a member of the EU, ends on the 31st of December 2020.  Please be assured that we have, and will take, all necessary steps to limit the impact of Brexit for all customers and partners. We have plans in place to meet the requirements whether there is a full trade deal or not.

In addition to preparing for the documentation that may be required, we have also ensured that we are holding significant stocks of products and materials, which we import from the EU. We have been working closely with all our partners to make sure that the delivery of your goods are not substantially impacted by any delays at ports.  We have no immediate plans to review our pricing because of Brexit.

We have also worked closely with our EU employees in the UK to ensure that they have completed the necessary documentation to safeguard their residence in the UK and will continue to be valued members of our team.

Although the UK will have a different relationship with the EU, we will continue, as always to have a close relationship with all our customers, producing quality, reliable, products.

Kind Regards,





Peter Fanshawe

HepcoMotion Managing Director

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