New configuration tool for Hepco gantry systems

HepcoMotion’s new configuration tool guides customers through the configuration of multi-axis systems in minutes

Designed with customers in mind, HepcoMotion is pleased to announce an advanced configuration tool for its HGS gantry systems, which provides customers with industry-leading technical support throughout all stages of the selection process.

Simple specification

Recognising the challenges customers face configuring their gantry systems unaided, Hepco have devised a configuration tool that configures multi-axis systems in minutes. Providing industry-leading support, an online meeting with Hepco’s technical department guides customers through the selection process, followed up with layout drawings, a 3D CAD model, quotation, and performance confirmation.

The product configurator quickly calculates bearing, beam, and end stop requirements to specify the optimum gantry solution to meet the customers’ needs. With over 50 years of experience, Hepco’s technical department can provide the optimum gantry configuration, saving customers significant design time.

Technical Report

Customers will receive a full technical report including detailed load calculations, assembly, commissioning and maintenance requirements. All required documentation can be provided to demonstrate compliance with Essential Health and Safety requirements and to support CE marking.

Updated product provides maximum ease of installation

Hepco’s heavy duty gantry systems (HGS) incorporate the highly acclaimed HDS2 heavy duty linear motion elements, which have been used throughout the industry for many years for applications such as palletizing, sorting, and pick & place.

In addition to the new specification tool, HGS has several product updates designed to simplify and speed up design time and installation. The introduction of X-Y axes adjustment plates simplifies lifting and handling and reduces assembly time. New X-axis catches mitigate problems caused by abnormal loads, and slide-mounted end stops simplify beam machining. The specification tool will automatically size the gantry mounting legs, which have options for beam adjustment/alignment and foot position adjustment for ease of installation.

The scope of HepcoMotion’s supply has been extended to provide complete stand-alone gantries in most configurations. Motors, controllers, pre-programming and turnkey solutions are all available according to customers’ requirements. The introduction of standard sizes and axes lengths reduces design time and allows quicker turnaround of projects.

Committed to exceeding the expectations of customers, HepcoMotion offers a comprehensive gantry system solution, leading the way in supporting customers through all stages of the selection process.

A new product catalogue detailing the HGS updates is available now.

For more information, please contact HepcoMotion’s technical department to discuss a gantry configuration at [email protected]

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