New Extra Strong Rack drive makes light of lifting heavy loads

The launch of the new Extra Strong Rack drive (ESR) from HepcoMotion combines high quality materials together with an advanced manufacturing process to provide a single rack drive capable of 5000N lifting force.

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Cartesian gantries used in heavy lifting applications often require two Z axes linked together, with two racks fitted to the structure separately in order to provide sufficient lifting force. A single larger rack, of course, is always an option but this will mean a considerable increase in the rack module size and the appropriate larger pinion to match.

The ESR rack has been specially developed to address this issue by achieving a high lifting capacity in a limited amount of space. The rack is used singularly although double arrangements can be configured for particularly heavy loads.

In common with the guides from the Hepco Heavy Duty HDS2 system, the rack is integral with the V guide. This ensures excellent parallelism with the guide V running surface offering smooth motion over the entire travel length. There is also the time saved from not having to set two components parallel when a separate rack and guide are used.

The guide size with the advanced ESR product is slightly thicker than the standard HDS2 guide with a mod 5 hardened rack cut over a 28mm face width.  The controlled hardening process contributes greatly to the capacity obtained together with high precision rack machining ensuring accurate pitch error control. Rail lengths produced as standard are just under 2 metres with longer lengths achieved by butting.

The whole package is complimented by a hardened and ground 15 tooth pinion that can be easily fitted into standard HDS2 carriage plates. The design enables a geared motor / flange arrangement to be located directly to the carriage, taking up minimal space.

ESR guides can be used on their own mounted to own made structures but for simplicity and cost benefits they are normally used with HDS2 beams HB25C or HB25. Both beams are the default choice for Z axes in XYZ gantry designs produced by Hepco.

V bearings to suit can be selected from 64, 95 and 120mm diameters depending on any offset or twisting load conditions. A standard lubrication facility is available for both rack and V guide running surfaces providing a long and trouble free service life.


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