Pallet Making Dirty Application

This customer has a machine that is used to make pallets. They have previously used a competitors product but due to the dirty harsh environment there were huge problems with the linear slides and the machine was also difficult to align.

The customer needed to have a product that was more suitable to the harsh environment and could be not only reliable but also worked well within the existing set up.


A GV3 linear guide system was provided to work within the harsh environment.

Scope of Supply

– 4 x LJ54CDR
– 4 x LJ54EDR
– 4 x RLFJ54CNS
– 4 x RLFJ54ENS
– 16CS54
– 4 x L76 8240 P3


The customer has a reliable and maintenance free solution that no longer has any problems with dirt or the harsh environment.

By mounting Hepco floating bearings they did not have to make a frame and what was used was adjustable in order to align the machine.

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