Rotary Applications using PRT2 Curved Guides

PRT2 is perfect for rotary applications – Including cylinder or pipe inspections, scanning, or any application requiring precise, accurate peripheral guidance around a circular object. Take a look at these examples to see how you could use PRT2 to make your application possible.

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PRT2 Precision Curved Guides, Rings and Segments

Curved guides, rings and segments provide accurate peripheral guidance in 360° or segmental motion, offering an effective alternative to slewing rings or turntables.

  • Movement through an arc can be achieved using curved segments – saving on two systems X and Y
  • Curved guides operate in any orientation
  • Zero play and definable preload thanks to adjustable eccentric bearings
  • V edges and integrated racks can be either internal, external or both
  • Bearings are lubricated for life internally and are available with metal shields for low friction running or with nitrile seals to inhibit the ingress of particles
  • Additional equipment such as tooling, routing cabling or other services can be housed inside the system, saving valuable floor space
  • Special food lubricants and high temperature greases are available
  • For any size requirement, Hepco’s large diameter ring guides, segments and track systems can be manufactured to any diameter with no upper limit

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