An Introduction to GFX


We invite you to attend our Webinar, An Introduction to GFX; a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to find out about this cutting edge technology.  The demand for ever increasing productivity, reliability and flexibility is a tough combination.  Let us show you how we have worked with Beckhoff to provide exactly this to the most demanding of applications.

The Webinar will provide an introduction to Hepco and the working partnership with Beckhoff, the fundamental benefits of the XTS/GFX system vs. traditional conveyor/carousel technologies and an overview of the V guide principle that is the core technology in GFX systems.  We will then take a look at the configuration options of GFX and give a brief overview of the specification process.  Finally we will take a look at some of the innovative GFX/XTS applications that we have been involved with and invite your questions on this exciting technology.


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