Webinar – GFX and XTS: The Latest Developments


Join our industry experts from Hepco and Beckhoff to explore the latest collaborative developments aimed at expanding the market-leading capabilities of the XTS transport system.  Evolving manufacturing requirements have pushed the performance envelope of GFX and XTS more than ever before.  We have been building longer and more complex systems with increasing numbers of independent movers, but we are now looking at solutions that will bring new opportunities to more industries and applications.  Find out how we have advanced the technology to meet these ever increasing demands as we unveil the latest developments.


Hygenic Version

Join us, as we launch our new Hygienic XTS/GFX systems that will allow for handling solutions in the toughest of environments; cleandown, washdown and even aseptic.

The New Track Management System

Those familiar with Hepco’s V guide technology will appreciate how our circular and continuous motion guides have provided XTS with the means to complete millions of maintenance free-cycles.  But how about switching movers out of a circuit to transfer to a separate operation station, or even on to a completely separate track?  Find out how Beckhoff and Hepco have developed a high speed, high performance system that is capable of switching in a few hundred milliseconds, whilst maintaining micron accurate repeatability.

Systems for higher Loads

Typical XTS and GFX payloads are rated at around a few kilograms.  We’ll take a look at how the combination of Beckhoff’s 10 pole magnets and a new high capacity mover take us into the territory of tens of kilos whilst still maintaining the all-important intelligent control that Beckhoff’s PC based XTS delivers.

High Speed Agile Mover

If you have a need for speed, then don’t miss our introduction to the all-new Agile mover that has the capability of delivering our highest throughput solution yet.  Blink and you’ll miss it!

Your questions Answered

Our team of experts will be available live to answer your questions about the technology and your applications.



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